Thief in the Night


I do not wish to live with my lungs.

I am tired of being left breathless.

A thief—the things you have taken

without my noticing.

As I search for air,

I find I am missing

my heart as well.





I want you to be mine,

to the smooth skin

on your bone.

Paint you in Blue hues

Teeth marks and bruises

you begged me to leave

the subtle ache of memory


I want you to be mine

to the thoughts

in your brain.

Linger in the lines

of neural pathways

remembered in your muscles

Unable to be rewritten.


Destine Carrington is a black woman living in North Carolina because she enjoys challenges. Other things she enjoys include but are not limited to: burgers, brownies, and Batman. She has a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and a cat named Turtle.