Dear Omolola

for Omolola,

from Gideon


Your name spells

the beauty that cascades

round your figure,

like fire turned into


I breathe you…


the trees will sing your eulogies,

i will fold

serenades from my lips into



Omolola, you are a phosphene

travelling with the stars in the

cosmos; travel with me?


You//I find you, light, in the dark.


Child of wealth,

when clematis teardrops grip your face//

when your body seeks redemption from

a saddened reality, I want to hold you.






I don’t know how to greet my body


When soliloquies threaten to detonate.


When spirits go amok.


When the breath sings like a requiem.


When bones shatter & I embody a furnace.


When the heart becomes a talking drum.


When we succumb to nature’s tantrums.


When my limbs turn to sacred fossils.


When the eyes become crystals.


When the mind sits as a catalyst between


Life & death.


Oluwafunmilayo Obasa, a non-fiction writer, poet, and photographer is passionate about documenting muffled stories with her art. Writing from Kwara, Abuja, or whichever place she finds herself, her words tend to paint the spontaneity of her imagination, humanity & equality [for all], desires, and emotions, in abstract ways, forging a relationship between society and existence.