This blood is black, brown

Magickal mud.

Life-sustaining dirt.

My veins, my roots,

entangled with Earth.

Nerve endings connected

to one another, exchanging

stories of love and pain.

Madre Tierra is speaking

to me. Yes, she is

screaming at me! One of

these species always causing

the other’s grief.

We made this the only way.

Now we must pave ways,

clear caches

for new beginnings to rise.





She called me her little bitch

her peasant, and I

swallowed every word.

Every seductive speck of

saliva that sprayed from

her mouth as she fucked me

with her crystal cock.

The tail she gifted me

rested on her stomach as

she went deeper.

She pulled on it but

placed it back in when

I cried out. “I want it,

please Mistress, don’t

take your gift from me.”


I am her lioness

and she, My Goddess

dressed in velvet robes and

gold. She loves looking

like my Queen and I,

her dazzling princess

in ruby-encrusted collars and lace

looking up at her

as I show my adoration

with tongue and finger.

My Luscious Lady


her smile gives me pleasure,

weakens my knees

in delicious euphoria.

She caresses my hair as she

pushes me in deeper.

I can feel her transcending;

my nails grip her velvet cheeks

as I dig deeper into her

until she cums in my mouth and

I drink her rain, her nurturing rivers

quenching my parched lips.

I am hers until the morning

when I wake up from

this blissful dream.



Gisselle is a self-published writer/poet with a penchant for the sensual, dark, and delicious, as well as a love for nature, self-love, familia, and justice for the used and oppressed. She published her first book, lovers, and other drugs. on August 13th, 2019 and is working on her next book. She also recently started her own website/blog where she shares stories and poetry of nature and lovers past. If you enjoy her poetry check out her book and website. Her website is