Her Erotic Dream

You turn me over in the night,

   and I feel your warmth against my thigh.


   You plunge your fingers into my

lotus blossom, and whisper in my ear.


Now I drift into a trance of

   golden dream shadows,


   you are like moonlight dissolving

upon my cool dark water.




Thro’ nightstill woods I pass,

     where fireflies splay light ‘pon

         darkening meadows –


I am a great hunter, yet on this eve no bones

   will I break, nor flesh devour,

with no corpses shall I my gullet fill,

   no guts shall I hungrily spill –


I am entranced in strange spell,

     enshrouded in bloody chaos magick –

 My master is the one who dresses the land

        in garb of mysterious resplendence.

She, She guides my feathers, she calls my name –


O! She singeth!


     Her voice riseth on the wind,

     summoning me to the ancient grove;

I must fly –



The wild winds of the Tao

                     are all about

   me. My senses, even in this sea

                               of darkness and

black foliage, perceive new depths,

     penetrating other worlds than these,


staring into an ancient

                               portal, then diving thro’

   with swift speed.

         Lustral Hecate calleth me forth,

bidding me near, drawing I

             into a misty, forgotten realm….



I deny the light. Into darkness


   soar, putting pinion to black air, caressing

           the wings of other dimensions. Sky

   above, take me! I shall

                                       ‘cross the immense

landscapes of the universe take feather,

   vanishing into lucid astral fire.

                      In ecstasy I shall ken the Beloved,

in worship of Nature and of the Beyond.


Jack Dempster is a Toronto folk poet, musician and editor. He’s been published for Metro Toronto’s Poetry Challenge (haiku), and in Wunderlit Magazine, Former People, The Town Crier, Jam & Sand, Gnashing Teeth, Of Poets and Frenchmen (chapbook) and Juniper – A Poetry Journal. Follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/cascadiian