Lust is one of the

Seven deadly sins

And I don’t know

If you are the sin

Or the deadly


Right now it doesn’t matter

I would let you sink

Teeth so damn deep

You feast on my flesh

Dine in my demise


Bind me inescapable &

Scratch your name on my soul

Until I beg you to let me

Drink your poison

Directly from the source


Your Bad feels the way

Good wished it could

When dancing with the Devil

The bed become a hell

Teasing moans the spell


Nothing else cures this

Craving except the heat

Of your pleasure on my skin

Wanton, if your flame can kill

Then Death is worth the feel






Tightly wrapped a cocoon

There is no release for this butterfly

The ropes constrict like a boa

Squeezing my chest and thighs

The more I struggle the tighter

The vice like jaws sink into

My naked flesh


Control is out of my hands now

I am at the mercy of my fate

Rather, the whim of my Sir


I feel the warmth in me stirring

And the heat begins to radiate

From my exposed skin

I try to control my breathing

As taut muscles strain

It is not painful just a dull ache

In my arms forced backward


Why would I give up my power

And let this man tie me like a

Tenderloin going on the fire

The feast for his fetish

Perhaps I long to be eaten

Crave the freedom to be meat

And his wolf scowl reminds

Me he would be happy

To devour all my tasty bits


He has easy access to everything

There is no way for me to stop him

From doing as he wishes with my body

And I don’t know that I would stop him

I really want to let it happen

For him to ravage this figure

Suculate the satisfaction out of me

To force my form to feel places

I could never reach on my own

I sense my sex beginning to throb

To the beat of my heart

He wants me to break

Have me submit to his torturous rope ties

To ask him for what I really want

Any part of him exploring inside

Whichever damp tunnel he chooses


When he places a blindfold over my eyes

The epidermis becomes more responsive

Senses stimulated, I hear my breathing shallow

And feel his lustful eyes watching

The bed more of a serving dish

Displaying the banquet he’s made of my body

Nothing left to do but to wait

What will he use to further toy

With my vulnerability, the feather

Or the cane, the pleasure or pain

One a slow simmering tease

That can drive a Sub mad in

Wanton desire to erupt

The other a keepsake that thuds

On soft tissue and pulls them

Out of the ethereal and into the physical

The rush from fantasy to kinky reality

Into the searing sensation that heat burns

And diving in to passions flame

Head first, often leaves marks


I wonder can he smell my need

The way I can taste it in the air

I want it all, to be sacrificed

Forgotten, forgiven lost, found

All during this experience of being bound

I wiggle and skootch, inching across the bed

Like am over fed caterpillar

With nowhere to go

Dangling wildly open off a leaf like a meal

Waiting for a raptor to rapture this soul

Ponytail offers an easy handle to grip

Butt cheeks available for a firm hand

To turn chili pepper and eyes onions

Perk nipples perched high

In perfectly pinchable position


Today he doesn’t use me

To satisfy his need

Today he conditions me

To need his satisfaction

Between the smooth silk

He paints across my skin

Or the feather that inks

Insatiable desire upon my

Most private places

He makes martyr of my matter


His final tempestuous tool is the buzzing

Vibrator that crescendos off my clit

Every time he makes contact with it

Longer and longer he presses the tip

As I climb higher and higher

To the top of the mountain

But like a mirage the closer I get to peaking

The further away he pulls my arrival

Until I am a blubbering incoherent mess

Who would say anything, do anything

To finally find ecstasy

I beg and moan, whimper and cry

His dominion over me fully displayed

I can’t take any more, I plead for his mercy

I’m yours, I beg everything, all of me yours

PLEASE let me cum Sir


Then nothing, a coffins silence

As if he disappears from existence

He’s won, orchestrated a symphony

Of pleasure on this body that has

Never existed before, and left me

A denied instrument of sexual potential

I rode the edge of death and resurrection

A ball of energy with nowhere to escape

A nuclear blast waiting to explode

And rain down irradiate drops of bliss

But instead that bomb sits inside me

The fuse a protracted burn

A constant strum until he allows me

The release I crave at the tips of his fingers

He has bound me in more ways

Than I’ve ever thought possible



James Coats is an author, poet and spoken word artist from Southern California. With a passion for all things creative he strives to capture authentic self-expression through his work. His favorite poetic themes to write about are love and romance because of its diverse yet connecting experiences. You can find him attending open mic throughout California and now on Zoom or sharing his work through is Instagram @MrLovingWords.