Your Lover’s Heart is a Cold Hell



It’s a double homicide.

A mystery of missing bodies.


Darkness makes its way

through a rubble of rays, searching


for the corpse of the sun

like a spouse scouring for chlorophyll


in a fading romance.

Your heart too is a crime scene—


it is where love breathed its last.



Your motives are a spectrum

of spectres—blurry songs!


Your demons, disciples of the night

sprout like dirges at the demise of day—


this time, as fingers of death wrapped

around a frantic blade, etching epitaph


on your lover’s back.




Ghost of Ecstasy


Red rose petals

glare back in deathly fonts—

a suicide note in shimmering shadows—

as I open the door to my lover’s home.

Pots of flames perch on heads of

candles in procession

on the stairway to her room.

I see ghosts of ecstasy—

a scarf sprawled on the steps,

a black tie that is not mine

hanging on the railing, a stiletto

in a puddle of spilled wine

on the landing.

I ask the key-hole

details of the crime scene beyond.

It tells tales of breathless bodies

lying in ruins of bliss, arms & legs

scattered in ashes of lust.

I interrogated the walls,

they claim their backs were turned!

I beg the moon to turn around—

the room is about to witness a

gruesome threesome!







You are hot

like Ilorin sun,

Abuja wannabe.

You will burn my heart!


Serene eyes, subtle smile.

The hills on your chest are

seemingly insurmountable

like Sobi & Zuma combined!


You promise the coolness of

Maitama boulevards on Sundays

but beneath the purdah, I see

the commotion of market

swallow up Friday worshippers

at the Central Mosque.

The Church of your body

is a motel on Coca-Cola road!


You are like Ilorin sun,

Abuja wannabe—

you will burn my heart

& leave my pockets dry.


Jide Badmus is an electrical engineer, a poet inspired by beauty and destruction; he believes that things in ruins were once beautiful.
Badmus explores themes around sensuality and healing. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria. You can reach him on twitter @bardmus, IG @instajhide