Drown your sorrows, sad girl

but only your sorrows

lest your drenched gowns weigh you down

underwater in Ophelia’s grave

unable to tread


You know that no

peony flower crown can revive her

no primrose riverbed can lead anywhere new

so strip off your sopping gowns

nevermind the nunnery, walk out into the woods

start a coven

don’t meet your ex at the bar

Hamlet wasn’t that cool anyway


Vesta Vaingloria is a poet, performer, and deathrock dandy native to Los Angeles, whose work explores the gray areas of sexuality, subculture, and the confusing condition of being a human person. Informed by Dandyism, the Gothic, Feminism, and Queer Studies she seeks to shine a figurative light on literal darkness. She earned her BA in English from Loyola Marymount University and MFA in Writing from CalArts in 2014. She has been a resident Poet Whore in The Poetry Brothel and The Poetry Society of New York since 2014, an immersive poetry cabaret celebrating decadence, intellectual hedonism, and destigmatizing sex work. She can be found nightly on a barstool with a book, avoiding talking to you.  Vesta On Poetry Society