2 Poems by U. A. Edwardson

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3 Poems by Mercedes Payton

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Revival by Semilore Kilaso

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2 Poems by Palaces

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3 Poems by Bai Rhodus

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Mary by John Berry

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Don’t Look by Luis Aguirre

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2 Poems by Glenn Pape

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Digital Grrrl by Natalie Sierra

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2 Poems by Jaachi Anyatonwu

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2 Poems by Ejiro Edward

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2 Poems by Gisselle Monique Leiva

Strong and sensual delights the readers in these two poems by past featured author, Gisselle Monique Leiva.

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2 Poems by Abuoya Eruot

2 poems whose darkness is all consuming, by Abuoya Eruot.

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Cunnilingus by Wortley Clutterbuck

Pleasure abounds in this poem by Wortley Clutterbuck.

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