2 Poems by Gisselle Monique Leiva

Strong and sensual delights the readers in these two poems by past featured author, Gisselle Monique Leiva.

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2 Poems by Abuoya Eruot

2 poems whose darkness is all consuming, by Abuoya Eruot.

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Cunnilingus by Wortley Clutterbuck

Pleasure abounds in this poem by Wortley Clutterbuck.

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Home Invasion, by Lisa Weber

Secret whisperings haunt this hungry house in this creepy tale by Lisa Weber.

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2 Poems by John Grey

Advanced psychosis and ocean-going rats abound in these two poems by John Grey.

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The Way I Go Towards You, by Chiedozie Kelechi Danjuma

Love is a botanical response in this poem by Chiedozie Kelechi Danjuma.

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2 Poems by Wren Valentino

Two strangely beautiful poems by Wren Valentino.

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Two International Idioms Reimagined as Fiction, by Meredith Wadley

Two expertly crafted tales to scare and stun you, by Meredith Wadley.

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3 Poems by Praise Osawaru

Float into the unknown with these 3 poems by Praise Osawaru.

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Decay of Self, by Anna Nguyen

Watch yourself decay with these selections by our featured artist, Anna Nguyen.

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2 Poems by Funmilayo Obasa

Love breathes new life into the soul with these two poems by Funmilayo Obasa.

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2 poems by Natalie Sierra

Digital love and lust in these two poems by EIC Natalie Sierra.

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Advice the Sad Girls Won’t Take by Vesta Vaingloria

Heed her words in this poem by Vesta Vaingloria.

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3 Poems by Jide Badmus

3 sensual poems by our featured poet, Jide Badmus.

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3 poems by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

Our featured poet, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, delivers 3 gut-punching poems

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Lost Poem by Kris Kaos

Angels and demons dance among tombstones in this piece by Kris Kaos.

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