Apostasy by A.S.

A sensual story between a confident Mistress and her willing Slave.

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Case 59 by Mydhili Varma

Faces hold secrets that hearts can't bear to keep in this creepy tale.

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2 poems by Jack Dempster

Worship nature and eroticism in two poems by Jack Dempster.

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3 Poems by Kelli Simpson

New moons and bones speak in two poems by Kelli Simpson.

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Witch by Alexandra Graffeo

A dream of faded caresses and thunderstorms.

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Digging Up my Body Parts by Roz Weaver

A powerful poem by Roz Weaver.

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2 poems by Beth Copeland

Lovelorn serenades from Beth Copeland.

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A Lament for Cyrus by Madeline Brzeczek

Love, loss, and vampires, too.

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The Hogs of Rose Manor by Natalie Sierra

A delicious tale to feast on in the middle of the night.

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Rachel by Barrett Warner

A stirring ode to a lost love.

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Confessions of an Impressionist by Linda McMullen

A twisted tale of love, obsession, and deceit.

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2 Poems by Stephanie Karas

The darkness has never been so divine.

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Catching the Black Sailboat by Zach Murphy

A dark tale that laps at the shores of our conciousness.

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The Glass Eater by Mark Tulin

A haunting portrait of a redeemer who inflicts pain on herself so that others may be free.

1 Comment4 Minutes

3 Poems by Kylie Ayn Yockey

Three fiery poems by Kylie Ayn Yockey that will set your soul on fire.

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3 Poems by our Featured Poet, Gisselle Monique Leiva

This month's featured poet, Giselle Monique Leiva's "burn", "molasses" and "love letters to lust," are a disquiet beauty to read

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Exorcist by Jide Badmus

Jide Badmus blends horror, religion and eroticism in this dark and beautiful poem.

3 Comments3 Minutes

Good Times and Bad by John Grey

A Vampiric poem by John Grey that enters the bloodstream like liquid moonlight.

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