by Giselle Monique Leiva

She usually spoke in whispers

mumbled her needs in ears that never listened

but tonight, she yelled.

As if the beast inside took control and

made her feel 



She yelled,



¡El cielo esta llamando!”

The corners of her lips rose and

she closed her eyes as

her body swayed under the full moon.

Fire ignited from her fingertips.

Those flames lit up pits

both on the ground and in our stomach

deeper than hell and its boring objectives.

We danced around that warmth until

we became one with the burning

the aching.

It arose inside of us and

we too, yelled and bathed in the moon’s light,

hypnotized by the comfort of her iridescent kisses.


by Gisselle Monique Leiva

Hell is Home!

Hell is Home!

That is where I always keep myself.

Standing on a pyre

basking in the flames.

I fucking love it!

Darkening this blinding skin.

My burning flesh smells sweet;

organs melting,

molasses running down my legs.

love letters to lust

by Gisselle Monique Leiva

Sweet lust I am lost without you.

You penetrate me with your poison,

like a wasp, your stinger leaves behind pain

but that pain is sweet and marks me up

like the whips you used on me.

I screamed your name,

“Oh Lust! Oh Lust!”

So loud you came inside my death,

reincarnating yourself inside of me.

Your magnetic pull draws in distant pleasures.

My body vibrates when I am near

what is bad for me, yet

I find ways to pull you in

either way.

Giselle Portrait Bio

Gisselle Monique Leiva is a poet who has been writing poetry for nearly 14 years. She recently published her first collection of poetry, lovers, and other drugs (2019), and plans on publishing more in the future. You can follow her on Instagram: @gisselle_monique_leiva