Russell grabs his keys and heads out into the night. He drives

toward the coastline and parks his car on a mound of sand

surrounded by eager vines. He walks out to the empty

boardwalk pier and stands for a very long time, peering out

into the vast Atlantic Ocean. The moon’s faint glow

emanates in and out of the bypassing clouds. A harsh breeze

sends a shiver down Russell’s spine. He closes his eyes. A

slow patter of footsteps approach from directly behind him.

The feet come to a silent standstill. A gravelly voice croaks

out, “The seas look rough tonight.”

Zach Murphy is a Hawaii-born, multi-faceted writer who somehow ended

up in the often chilly but charming land of St. Paul, Minnesota. His stories

have appeared in Peculiars Magazine, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, WINK, and the

Wayne Literary Review. He lives with his wonderful wife Kelly and loves

cats and movies.