The Hogs of Rose Manor by Natalie Sierra

A delicious tale to feast on in the middle of the night.

Rachel by Barrett Warner

A stirring ode to a lost love.

Confessions of an Impressionist by Linda McMullen

A twisted tale of love, obsession, and deceit.

2 Poems by Stephanie Karas

The darkness has never been so divine.

Catching the Black Sailboat by Zach Murphy

A dark tale that laps at the shores of our conciousness.

The Glass Eater by Mark Tulin

A haunting portrait of a redeemer who inflicts pain on…

3 Poems by Kylie Ayn Yockey

Three fiery poems by Kylie Ayn Yockey that will set your…

3 Poems by our Featured Poet, Gisselle Monique Leiva

This month's featured poet, Giselle Monique Leiva's "burn",…

Exorcist by Jide Badmus

Jide Badmus blends horror, religion and eroticism in this…

Good Times and Bad by John Grey

A Vampiric poem by John Grey that enters the bloodstream…