Issue 12 Call For Entries

The mouth, sweet, sensual, inviting. Has the potential to destroy egos and lives with just a whisper.

What do you think of when you think of a mouth? A kiss, a bite, or both? For our 12th issue (April), Disquiet Arts is searching for poetry, erotica, flash fiction, art, and photography where the mouth is the main character. A human’s mouth, an animals, or another thing altogether.

As always, Disquiet Arts prioritizes the work by BIPOC, and especially those from the LGBTQ+. We accept work from people in all stages of their career, and only ask that the work you send us has not been previously published, including on your own sites. Simultaneous submissions are okay, just email us at

What we will not accept are r*pe stories where the violence is described in detail or used as a plot device that has nothing to do with the rest of the story or poem. It’s awful, traumatizing, and lazy writing. If what you wrote seems questionable, don’t send it. We won’t publish it.

We don’t want outright pornography, either. Erotica is sexually arousing or stimulating, but it is not considered pornographic.

Have any questions about submitting? Email me (Natalie) at