O comely linen

Such hypocritic disguise worn over eyes

whose inclination logic and truth should so be

I view them, of rustic oblongata

Flimsy tempest besought; queer lots

Quagmired by apparitions of folly; cerebrum breathed –

A thousand tongues can’t break

Lads of paralax; eternal tryst to his essence

Rend, O gleaming stiletto of truth

This hymen of softcore lunacy


Lo, to posterity they bequeath vestiges of doom



Iwuagwu Ikechukwu is an African poet, essayist, screenwriter, budding dramatist and graduate of English and Literary studies.  His poems won the Poetry Nook weekly contest and got an honourable mention respectively, published in the fifth paperback edition of the Poetry Nook anthology, available on amazon. His short story “Five Shades of Victory” was awarded an honourable mention in the IHRAF Creators of Justice award in New York – 2020 edition, His works have been published in The Shallow Tales Review, Black Boy Review, Talk Afro Magazine & Ka’edi Africa (Nigeria), Jalada Anthology: Nostalgia issue (Kenya), Afro Sci-Fi Series, About Place Journal, Flora Fiction, Fumble Magazine, Good Cop/Bad Cop: An Anthology from Flower Song Press (USA),  Dissonance Magazine (UK) and Orange Blush Zine (Malaysia). A foodie and lover of the Igbo culture, amongst his hobbies are researching, writing, studying, reading of African literature as well as engaging in creative and thought provoking arguments.