Wind swept leaves in autumn colours,

Dancing ’round like new found lovers,

Joy and laughter bubbled up,

From the bounty of the harvest cup,

Joining in was my desire,

As they made a holy pyre,

Wood of life they first placed down,

Then love’s mad fire in blazing crown,

Beckoned I was to warmth and bliss,

No longer could I fully resist,

I sat and watched as others paired,

With their soulmates love declared,

Alone I was with head hung low,

My secret kept in safe abode,

Until I looked and saw you there,

Playing with your auburn hair,

Alone you were but didn’t feel,

The loneliness placed at your heel,

Instead you danced around the fire,

Awakening my love’s desire,

Silence was my only answer,

To the lovely Sapphic dancer,

Then the pyre was extinguished,

But my heart would not relinquish,

The need for you to be my wife,

Soothing nectar in harrowed life,

Courage slain with gaze much pleading,

Watched you leave with eyes still dreaming,

Alone I am among the ashes,

Cold and dead as martyred passions,

But then a spark still burned inside,

As ash revealed what it did hide,

Reddened coal in somber darkness,

Giving hope for love’s next harvest.



In depth of soul I searched with much delight, that what I found frighten me to write. So with demon and dead raising their head, their stories I did bring to light.