No Fats/ No Femmes/ No Asians/ No Trans


I click the profile.


Masculinity is the only thing that can lengthen your cock?

I am sick to death of the idea that my lipstick is powerless.



Do you not realize that beneath my breasts,

Are pectoral muscles that can make you gasp with a single flex?


Do you not realize that in my small, smooth hands

I can encircle and take your large, hirsute body apart?


Do you not realize that under my skirt,

A beautiful ass is ripe for the eating?


Do you not realize that beneath my long wig,

My brain is imagining all of the filthy things I can make you exhale?


My perceived femininity is enough to soften you?



When I have not shaved my body hair,

When my chest is bound tight,

When I have only my bald head,

And a face without chemical goop,

When I smell of sweat, and bacon grease,


I am still the femme motherfucker who can tear the semen from your dick—


In two minutes, tops.



No Fats/ No Femmes / No Asians / No Trans


I click the profile.

“Give me vanilla and spice, I’ll skip the chocolate and rice.”


In my phone reflection, my slant-eyes roll,

My black fringe falls in blunt ends over my brow.


Gay men have been so keto lately,

No one wants to put rice in their mouth.


Somewhere in my ethnic history,

White colonizers found one of my Chinese ancestors attractive enough to reproduce with.


And now—


I am bleached saffron.

I could probably pass for white to get a date.


But who can get it up with a racist?


No fats, no femmes, no Asians?

He’d probably hate my pussy, too.


No Fats/ No Femmes/ No Asians/ No Trans


I click the profile.

I try to conjure up a fantasy of passion with this exclusionary fellow.


Long, handsome fingers curl inside, seeking my frontal prostate.

They do not- could never- locate it.

I appreciate the vigorous effort and almost feel bad for being bored.


I adjust the thirsty fingers toward my elongated clitoris,

Letting him stroke up-and-down, something more familiar

Albeit, a dollhouse version.


I think he hates this.


I click away.

The fantasy repulses me,

Almost as much as my body repulses him.



婕 Venus Cohen (they/them) is an English major, Asian Studies minor at Mount Holyoke
College. They are proud to be a Frances Perkins Scholar.
婕 Venus is an agender & transsexual identified person, and their work examines trans-sexuality
issues using language that is obscene and truthful. Likewise, much of their art explores their
internal and external social identities— race and ethnicity, religious affiliation and unacceptable
attractiveness. Their work, across various mediums, has been featured in SMCC’s Beacon
Magazine, Boston Fashion Week, Cosplay Realm Magazine, and Cast Aside Productions. They
are currently an assistant editor at Smoke and Mold Literary Journal.
Twitter @hyfemme,