2 Poems by Gisselle Monique Leiva

Strong and sensual delights the readers in these two poems…

2 Poems by Abuoya Eruot

2 poems whose darkness is all consuming, by Abuoya Eruot.

Cunnilingus by Wortley Clutterbuck

Pleasure abounds in this poem by Wortley Clutterbuck.

2 Poems by John Grey

Advanced psychosis and ocean-going rats abound in these two…

The Way I Go Towards You, by Chiedozie Kelechi Danjuma

Love is a botanical response in this poem by Chiedozie…

2 Poems by Wren Valentino

Two strangely beautiful poems by Wren Valentino.

3 Poems by Praise Osawaru

Float into the unknown with these 3 poems by Praise…

2 Poems by Funmilayo Obasa

Love breathes new life into the soul with these two poems…

2 poems by Natalie Sierra

Digital love and lust in these two poems by EIC Natalie…

Advice the Sad Girls Won’t Take by Vesta Vaingloria

Heed her words in this poem by Vesta Vaingloria.

3 Poems by Jide Badmus

3 sensual poems by our featured poet, Jide Badmus.

3 poems by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

Our featured poet, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, delivers 3…

Lost Poem by Kris Kaos

Angels and demons dance among tombstones in this piece by…

2 poems by Jack Dempster

Worship nature and eroticism in two poems by Jack Dempster.

3 Poems by Kelli Simpson

New moons and bones speak in two poems by Kelli Simpson.

Witch by Alexandra Graffeo

A dream of faded caresses and thunderstorms.

Digging Up my Body Parts by Roz Weaver

A powerful poem by Roz Weaver.