Beauty in Darkness

Disquiet Arts is an alternative/gothic literary and art magazine, helmed by two Latinx creatives, Luis Aguirre and Natalie Sierra.

Disquiet Arts was started as a home for gothic and erotic leaning literature and art, especially for people of color. We noticed a lack of representation within the Gothic community and decided to create a home where diverse authors can showcase their work.

Disquiet Arts seeks to dismantle the current ideology that erotica is not real art; that people of color can’t be goth, that we aren’t capable of creating great art. We are, and we do it every single day.

Our audience are those that are interested in the occult; those looking for refined erotica. People who are curious about the gothic community or are interested in sensual writings and photography.

Disquiet Arts seeks elegant, sad, dark, sophisticated, vengeful, divine, flash fiction, poetry, photography, and art. We want heartbreaks and new lovers who might be gods in disguise.

Please visit our author submissions page or our artist/photographer submission page for information on how to submit.

There is beauty in the darkness, divinity in the fire, pain mingled in with pleasure. Truth in the profane.

That which you seek, you will find here.

We are Disquiet Arts.


Editor in Chief

Pandora Demise


Natalie Sierra is the author of ‘Nadine: Love Songs for Demented Housewives’, ‘Temblors’, Strangelove: Tales of Love and Lust’, and  ‘Medusa,’ a collection of poetry forthcoming from DSTL Arts.

Her work has been featured in dozens of publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Dryland: A Literary Journal based in South Central Los Angeles, and Westwind: UCLA’s Journal of the Arts. Natalie lives in Pomona, CA with her husband and three children.

Website:, Instagram: @pandorademise, Twitter: @pandorademise, On Medium: @pandorademise

Luis Aguirre Photo
Art Editor / Creative Director

Luis Aguirre

Luis is an artist, entrepreneur and dreamer who’s enjoyed success in a variety of creative fields including photography, film-making, art and music production.

He currently resides in Claremont, CA with his family and two dogs.

Photography:, Art & Illustration: @monstercadet, Music: Lux Atomic on Spotify, Instagram: @theaguirre, On Medium: @luisaguirre